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Dr. Shirley Compton 

After 20 years as a private, public, elementary through middle school teacher and administrator, I have decided to create a new model school concept. The idea for a new school concept that shifts from a traditional teaching and learning paradigm to a global citizenship model was heavily influenced by witnessing systemic patterns of overall low student achievement for socio-economically disadvantaged children and youth and the exclusion of students with disabilities. We acknowledged a need for schools to embrace their roles as student and family advocates to support positive generational changes. Global Citizens Leadership is a non-profit organization with a mission to globally transform minds and change lives. Our main educational objective is to offer a new model school concept that focuses on an array of subjects.

Our objective is to provide

greater equity and access to

21st century skills and resources

for all students and families.

Interested Student

Educational Equity

Student/Family Advocacy

21st Century Skills

Cultural Competency

Curriculum & Instruction

Professional Development 

Learning Environment & Systems 

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